Bradley M.Turner
University of Rochester Medical Center, USA
Title: Cost-effect risk-stratification of ER-positive breast cancer patients: An algorithmic approach for reflex multigene assay testing

Denni Joko Purwanto
Dharmais National Cancer Hospital, Indonesia
Title: Lipid Profile in Breast Cancer Patients with Hormonal Therapy: A Preliminary Study

Ayda Hussein Omer Mustafa
Associate Professor Alneelain University, Sudan
Title: Evaluation of Thoracic manifestations in Sudanese patients with breast Cancer

Toshiaki Utsumi
Fujita Health University, Japan
Title: Negative progesterone receptor identifies subgroups at higher risk of recurrence for Luminal B (HER2-) and Luminal B (HER2+) breast cancer

Schaper Trudi
Luisenkrankenhaus Düsseldorf, Department Senology, Germany
Title: The Prophylactic Use Of Hiilotherapy (Physical Thermotherapy) Prevents Chemotherapy-Induced-Peripheral Neuropathy (Cipn)

Jiri Gatek
University Tomas Bata ve Zlin, Czech Republic
Title: First Experience with Preoperative Tattooing of Biopsied Axillary Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer

Angela R. Williams
Medical University of South Carolina, United States
Title: Savi Scout Reflector Localization of Breast Lesions

Margaret M Szabunio
University of Kentucky, United States
Title: Upright Digital Breast Tomosynthesis-guided Vacuum-assisted Breast Biopsy

Armando Farmini
Obstetrician gynecologist, Austria
Title: Hormone use before and after breast cancer diagnosis

Swarnbindu Banerjee
Tata Memorial Centre, India
Title: Therapy Related Aml in Breast Cancer: Case Series

Stefano Guadagni
University of L’Aquila, Italy
Title: Isolated Thoracic Perfusion in Lung Metastases from Breast Cancer

Clara Nahmias
Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, France
Title: Microtubule-associated protein ATIP3, a biomarker and therapeutic target in breast cancer

Elles van de Voort
Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, Netherlands
Title: Patient Reported Cosmetic Outcome after Vacuum Assisted Excision of Benign Breast Lesions: A Cross-Sectional Study

Zorka Inic
University of Belgrade School of Medicine, Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia
Title: What is new in the management of the axilla after neodjuvant chemotherapy?

Dorothy Makanjoula
King Abdulaziz Medical City, Saudi Arabia
Title: Correlation of Ultrasound and Mammographic Localization Findings with Complete Pathological Resolution in Breast Cancer Patients Following Neo adjuvant Chemotherapy

Ricardo Moutinho-Guilherme
Quirónsalud University Hospital Madrid, Spain
Title: Correlation between apparent diffusion coefficient values in breast magnetic resonance imaging and prognostic factors of breast invasive ductal carcinoma

Maria Margarida Ribeiro
Radiography Lecturer in School of Health Technology in Lisbon, Portugal
Title: Advances in imaging diagnostic in Breast MR

Yedda Nunes Reis
Sao Paulo State Cancer Institute, Brazil
Title: Macroscopic Examination Breast Density versus Mammographic Breast Density in Breast Cancer Conserving Surgery and Its Outcomes - Post Hoc Analysis from a Randomized Clinical Trial

J.Thamil Selvi
Sri Sairam Engineering college, India
Title: Comparison and validation of infrared breast image edge maps for Segmentation using level sets

Jéssica López Peláez
Santiago de Cali University, Colombia
Title: Coping Strategies in Women with Breast Cancer